Eagle Lab


Ages 6 –12, July 3 to 5 , 9 – 4pm

This workshop is designed to specifically give young minds an entrepreneurial experience of the real world. The program covers concepts like business planning, financial models and how a successful business is taken from conceptualisation to fruition.

Participants are encouraged to identify businesses that are in line with their true calling whether it be baking cookies or website development. During this program the participants will monetise their business by developing a stall which they will present at the Business Fair where they will be able to sell their products or services.

We take them on a journey, where they:

  • identify their unique talents
  • grow these talents into innovative enterprising ideas
  • transform their ideas into entrepreneurial ventures
  • launch their businesses by exhibiting them at a business fair

This journey is collaboration between students and their peers, school teachers, parents, facilitators and local entrepreneurs.  Through this process students learn to appreciate their skills and unique talents. The Business Fair conducted at the end of the program works like a true celebration of students’ ideas and a testament to the unique capabilities that exist within every child.


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