Inner Hero

Free one hour assessment

Ages 6 –17, Places available

Free Assessments to Help Empower The Inner Hero In Your Child

At Launchpad we aim to provide programs that empower all our students to become the best versions of themselves.   

If your child is experiencing anxiety at home or school, we are here to help. At Launchpad we believe that most kids know when they are in their centre, they just need the tools to anticipate when they are stressed, or leaving their “centre” or “place of power”. We offer one-hour individual assessments to determine what is causing your child the most stress and from there we work with them to develop an emotional toolkit which will help your child return to a place of balance when they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

FREE Individual assessments will be conducted on days and times to suit as required.



For assessments, we require one hour with you and your child to determine how they are feeling, what is stressing them and from there we will recommend some strategies to help them learn to return to balance.

We also offer a 4-week program to empower your child to learn how to acknowledge when they are stressed, anxious or tired, and to use a range of strategies to support them to feel calm and confident. By working together, students/children will be able to support each other and learn more about positive social interactions.

To book your free assessment simply click on the button below to send us your details. We will then be in touch to have a quick chat and arrange a date that works best for you. Places are limited so secure your spot today.


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