Ages 6 – 17.


Getting a stall at the Young Entrepreneur Fair

Firstly – congratulations! Most young people dream of making extra pocket money
but you’ve already taken the first step by visiting this page – so well done you.

Every year we run a Young Entrepreneur Fair for young people aged 6 -17.
Selected stallholders will have three glorious hours to sell to a ready-made audience of
festival-goers. We’ll provide trestle tables and be there to make sure everybody has a
great time.

For all the details, visit each section below
and download the Project Planning Worksheet for your business.

The Basis
Things your parent/guardian needs to know
How do I apply for a stall?


TBA, for young people aged 6 – 17.


Yarrambat Park


One session only: 1:00-4:00pm

Set up 30 mins before
Dismantle 15 mins after


$30 per stall – payable on confirmation of booking

  • Open to young people 6 to 18 years
  • Individuals or teams of 2 can participate
  • No trash or treasure (but recycled and re-purposed goods OK)


  • This is not a trash and treasure market. You can’t just pack some old stuff in a box and sell it off. You have to make something – or come up with a service you think people will pay for.
  • You need to be aged between 6 and 17 years to have a stall at the market.

Selection is based on the strength of your idea, and on getting a great mix of stalls at the market.


The cost is $30 per stall. (This helps cover some of the costs of running the fair.)

This fee must be paid within 3 days of your stall offer to confirm your stall. We’ll provide payment details when we send out offers.

After this date the place will be offered to someone else. We know timing is tight but we have to allow the next person time to prepare their goods.


While your child is participating in the market, a parent or guardian (25 years or older) must remain with the child. All parents must provide a mobile telephone number and sign the terms and conditions when registering.  This includes permission for photographs of your children to be used publicly. Registration will be sent with your offers.

For security reasons, a parent or guardian must remain at the stall, during set up, the 3 hours of operation and dismantling.

Set up

You can set up 30 minutes before the market begins and will have 15 minutes to dismantle.

Each stall has 1.2 metres of “shop” space. Your young person will need to bring everything they need for the day.

Event Photography

The Fiesta will have an event photographer capturing moments of the day.  The application form has a section to provide permission for your young entrepreneur’s image to be used by YEP for promotion of next year’s event.

Young Entrepreneurs Fair Application Process

Step 1: Complete the application form
Complete the online application form.
Start pulling your business together right away so you aren’t rushed at the end.

Step 2: Selection 
We’ll select businesses based on great ideas and that will work together to create a fantastic fair (not on a first in – first served basis).

If we have multiple people wanting to sell the same thing, we’ll rely on the information on the application forms to help us choose – so tell us lots of details.

We’ll also make sure there’s an even mix of ages.

Step 3: Offers sent
We’ll email you (or mum or dad or your guardian) to let you know if you have a spot.

Step 4: Pay the rent 
All businesses have expenses.  You need to pay your $30 ‘rent’ to confirm your spot via a link in your successful application email from us.

Step 5: Get ready!
If you’re one of the lucky stallholders – it’s time to get ready and make final preparations!  Download project planning worksheets below to make sure you’ve covered everything for a successful fair day.


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